Super Michhua

Sarthak’s 13th movie featuring super hit Odia movie pair Babushan and Jhilik is going to release on Theater this Rajo Festival. preview songs will be available very soon.

Pagala Karichu Tu

Sarthak’s 12th film scheduled to be released during Durga Puja 2014. Lead role played by Amlan and Riya.

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Lekhu Lekhu Lekhi Deli

Jhilik scribbles sweet nothings on whatever material she finds, including vegetables and shirts. Her love story with Babu begins when she scribbles a sweet note on a bus going to a different city and is surprised to get a reply from someone at the other end. Do Babu and Jhilik get back together and discover …..

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Golapi Golapi

A love story which spreads a social message and, at the same time, has an unexpected ending, never ever been shown in any Ollywood movie and is bound to keep the audience glued to their seats till the end.  

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Smile Please

Story of a Arogant elder man and a photographer. How the photographer gets all the family members of Rudraprasad united and the happenings around them.

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